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Join our Community Marketing Model today and drive thousands of GoDineTM members into your business!

GoDineTM is America's Premier Dining Club and we are now in your city.

GoDine™ will have thousands of Partner Restaurants and Millions of Members across the country by 2018.

Our Partner Restaurants will share thousands of members locally that will fill their restaurants every day to enjoy a great meal and receive 50% Off their Entrée every single time they dine.

Besides frequenting our Partner Restaurants every day our members will love to frequent your business as well, especially if you extend an irresistible benefit to them just as our Partner Restaurants do.

As a GoDine™ Business Affiliate you can see a dramatic increase in your current customer base and earn significant incremental revenue and income by inviting our members into your business to receive a special benefit. You will also receive additional income direct from GoDine™ by simply sharing the irresistible GoDine™ Dining Club opportunity with all of your regular customers and them becoming members through your business. Let me tell you how:

  • First - We will qualify your business as a qualified GoDine™ Business Affiliate Partner. This process is simple and painless. If we approached you, you are most likely already qualified. If you have not been contacted by a GoDine™ representative, simply fill out the form below and submit your request to be qualified.
  • Second - Join GoDine™ as a Business Affiliate Member for only $99.95 per month. Once qualified you will select an existing GoDine™ Partner Restaurant as your sponsor restaurant, and select Business Affiliate as your membership level. Note: If you do not see your favorite restaurant on the list you can invite them to join GoDine™ and then select them.
  • Third - Decide what your initial offer will be to fully engage GoDine™ members to come into your business. (You will also be able to provide more than one offer at a time through your own web portal on the GoDine™ website). Your offer(s) will be seen by GoDine™ members through our website and mobile App.
  • Fourth - Install our GoDine™ Business Affiliate Member window sticker on your storefront window and place the provided GoDine™ Promo Cards on your counter for everyone to see.
  • Fifth - Tell everyone that walks into your door about the benefits of a GoDine™ membership and sign them up!
  • Sixth - Start receiving a new stream of revenue - Besides seeing your gross revenue and profit increase from thousands of local members having the opportunity to visit your business and take advantage of your member benefit offer, all GoDine™ Business Affiliates will receive a one-time commission for every member that they sign up for any of the GoDine™ membership levels.

What do I earn for promoting Membership? Every GoDine™ Business Affiliate Member will have the opportunity to earn a one-time commission for every membership sold through your business as follows:

  • Sign-Up a JustOne™ Membership for $19.95 and receive $17.96
  • Sign-Up a PlusOne™ Membership for $29.95 and receive $26.96
  • Sign-Up a PlusThree™ Membership for $49.95 and receive $44.96
  • Sign-Up your fellow business owners a Business Affiliate Membership for $99.95 and receive $89.96

Oh! One more thing - As a GoDine™ Business Affiliate Member you'll also receive the benefit of the PlusThree™ level in our Premier Dining Club (a $49.95 per month value), which means that you and up to 3 additional guests will be able to dine dining at any GoDine™ Partner Restaurant in your area and anywhere in the country at 50% Off your entrees every single time!

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to join as a GoDine™ Business Affiliate Member and begin the process of changing your financial future NOW!

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  • When I first heard about GoDine it was hard to believe that my wife and I would really get 50% off our entrees at so many great restaurants. But it’s true! And I can’t believe how much we’re saving every time we go out to eat. What a great dining club! Paul & Diane B., Liberty Lake, WA

  • As a sales executive, I’m always taking clients out for lunch. Using GoDine has saved my company a ton of money. I’m a Plus 3 Member of GoDine and my expense reports are sure making me look good with my boss. Jim T., Post Fall, ID

  • I’ve never seen a better Dining Club than this one. At first I thought “Are you kidding me?” But trust me, this thing for real. I get 50% off my entrées. Thanks GoDine! Scott M., Coeur d’Alene, ID

  • I heard about this on the radio and just had to see for myself, because it sounded too good to be true. I downloaded the app, checked it out and joined. Now I’m eating out more and saving lots of money when I do. Nancy G., Spokane, WA

  • After I joined, I found out that if I referred some friends I would get a free month for every friend of mine that joined. Using the app, I’ve referred a bunch of friends at work, 7 have joined, so my next 7 month are free. Very cool! I like this. Jesse, V., Spokane Valley