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As a GoDine® member, for as little as $29.98 per month, you'll never save less than 25% up to $25 savings when you dine out at any GoDine® "Partner" Restaurant, and 50% Off your check up to $25 savings when you dine at any GoDine "Premier" Restaurant. If your like to dine out as often as most Americans, your GoDine® Membership can easily save you hundreds of dollars every month!


If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you are in the right place!


Everyone loves to dine out!

It’s been part of our social fabric for hundreds of years. But dining out as often as we’d like can be expensive, so in 2014 we set out to find a way to help people to dine out more often while at the same time help to solve a decade’s old challenge for the restaurant industry of filling their seats throughout the week, just as they do on the weekends.

How do we do this? Simple, we formed a club called GoDine, where members pay a reasonable monthly membership fee to receive a benefit that makes eating out more often affordable and irresistible.


GoDine’s mission is to be America’s Premier Dining Club, by creating a network of quality Restaurants and passionate entrepreneurs, offering our Dining Club Members great food at fantastic prices.

Our business model is designed for success because we offer our member’s a fabulous value and fantastic choices, and our restaurants a consistent army of happy loyal foodies filling their seats!

You can always expect to find a wide variety of great GoDine restaurants to choose from and we’re coming soon to many cities across America!

Enjoying your GoDine membership is as easy as 1,2,3!

The savings from just two times out can more than pay your
monthly membership fee! If you don't absolutely love your
GoDine® Membership, you can easily cancel at any time.

Step 1:

Download the GoDine App from the App Store or Google Play Store and Join the club!

Step 2:

Search our list of fantastic GoDine Restaurants and choose where to dine

Step 3:

Show your GoDine digital Membership and enjoy your meal for 50% Off up to $25 savings at any GoDine "Premier" Restaurant and 25% Off up to $25 savings at any GoDine "Partner" Restaurant



Step 1: Sign up! (It only takes a couple of minutes)
Click on the GoDine NOW button to begin. Create an account, and enter your payment details.

Step 2: Pat yourself on the back for making a great decision and head to your favorite restaurant today to start saving!