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Imagine if over the next 90 days you could increase your gross revenue by 34% and your net profit by 18%.

Sound too good to be true? Well, what if we told you that one of GoDine’s founding restaurants actually did just that?

The restaurant industry is plagued with one of the highest mortality rates of any business in the U.S. In fact 50% of the restaurants in the nation that open their doors for business for the very first time today, will not be here 12 months from now.

There are many reasons for this but assuming the food and service is average or above, the two main reasons that restaurants fail are high fixed overhead costs, and empty seats. In fact the number one highest expense to any restaurant is EMPTY SEATS.

Our Solution?

GoDine®. America’s newest and most exacting dining club. We’re in the business of helping restaurant owners and operators prosper.


About the Membership Program

A member joins GoDine® because he or she enjoys dining out with friends and family, or dines out often for business, or both. In any case GoDine® is a club membership where a person pays just $29.98 per month to have the opportunity to dine out at great restaurants just like yours for 50% off their check up to $25 savings every time they dine out. This benefit is available at any GoDine® Premier Restaurant across the nation.

New Fans & Loyal Customers

This benefit of membership is the difference between happy, loyal, returning customers and the other unsuccessful loyalty programs, and what makes it irresistible to the member. Think about this. You decide to go out for lunch or dinner, would you want to save up to $25? Or would you rather go to a non-GoDine® restaurant and pay an extra $25?

Less Competition

Or maybe you’d rather open a different App and scroll through a bunch of other restaurants looking for who has the best deal, and when you finally find one its only on a predetermined day, time, menu item etc. With GoDine® every club member always knows what the benefit is no matter what time of the day, or how many times a day, week, or month that they use it. It’s always 50% off up to $25 at any GoDine® Premier Restaurant!


Now you might just hear 50% off and think “I can’t do that” but let’s talk first about a typical GoDine® member.

A Typical GoDine® member will:

  • Return twice as often
  • Spend an average of 50% of his or her savings back when they dine because they know that they are saving hundreds of dollars each month and the next time dine out, they can save up to $25 again.
  • Be willing to wait longer to be seated and is more likely to spend money on drinks and appetizers while waiting.
  • Tell all of their friends and family to join.



I know what you’re thinking, I’ve heard this a thousand times. But let us be clear, we’re not talking about some internet or app based group coupon thing here. You know the ones where you design a “Deal” then greatly discount your food and then people come in, take advantage of the one-time offer and you never see them again. We’re talking about something that has great value to not only the customer, but to your business as well. And just as important we’re talking about something that is not a one-time deal, but something that is completely sustainable and builds customer loyalty! Something that will completely change the game for your business.