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For a one time fee of only $99, and one low monthly Dining Club membership fee, you can not only dine out at all your favorite GoDine Premier Restaurants for 50% off as often as you'd like, but you also have the opportunity to share GoDine with others and get PAID every month from GoDine!

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GoDine was founded in 2014 around the idea that America LOVES to eat out!

Our vision is to help restaurants across the country by encouraging people to eat out more often, and to provide our GoDine Members with a program that makes eating out more affordable.

Our business model is designed for success and it is our mission to offer our member’s fabulous value and choice, our restaurants a consistent army of foodies filling seats and our Affiliates the opportunity to create an income around an industry that everybody loves!

Sharing GoDine® with others is as easy
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The average American eats out 4.5 times a week, and who will say no to 50% OFF?

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Join our community of entrepreneurs and start your own business in the restaurant industry! Experience more income, more fun, connections with great people, and opportunities for personal growth.

If you love to go out, meet new people, network, and / or have a great social media presence, the GoDine Affiliate opportunity could literally change your life, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this ground floor opportunity!